Argentine Tango

with Jose Delgadillo & Helen Wang

Jose and Helen are dancers with such unique backgrounds and personalities that always brings surprises to the audience. Together, this tango couple brought their skills, passion and background in Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, Flamenco, and Folklore into the soulful Argentine Tango. They are currently working with the director, Hector Zaraspe, from the broadway show Tango Pasion

Jose Delgadillo was born and raised in Argentina, where he was classically trained in Argentine Folklore and Argentine tango and has been dancing for more than 20 years since 1994. He grew up touring with dance companies performing argentine tango and folklore at numerous shows in South America countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, etc. His background also includes Malambo, Zamba, Chacarera, Mambo on 2, Chacha. He has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and many other dance shows. With his dance partner, Helen, Jose  has performed in famous shows such as “Rhythm and Passion”, Dance Fever, among others.  In 2015, he was invited to perform in Zaraspe Dance Troupe in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Symphony of Eugene, 


Helen Wang has a rich background in music and dance training growing up. While earning her art and design degree in the Ivy League, Cornell University, with extra hard work, she kept up the training in different disciplines of dancing. Since discovering argentine tango in Buenos Aires, she did intensive training with renowned masters from Argentina of Tango Salon and the stage category. She has been passionate and dedicated herself completely to tango. Her profound understanding of the dance is based on her studies with the maestros in all dance disciplines as well as her continuous own self research. Helen complimented the dance with her deep knowledge of musicality. She learned piano and certified to level 10 with grand pianist master, Lu Mei from China, and guitar from famous guitarist, Guo Jian Jun, of the renowned singer Hou De Jian. 

Her dance is elegant, sensual and playful with humor. As a teacher, Helen adopted and applied the teaching style from Cornell to tango, breaking down the complex structures by creating simple and efficient systems for the movements and techniques. 


Jose and Helen met on the dance floor in New York City in 2012. They found each other with great connection, and went on to compete in 2013 and won first place of USA Tango Championship NYC “Stage” Tango. They are a tango couple who address the dance from an intimate relationship with the tango essence. Intensity, sensuality, emotions, connection are all the things that they remind us why love to dance tango. They bring different experiences and knowledge that enrich and strengthen the couple. Since then they have performed in many shows, such as “Rhythm and Passion”, Dance Fever and many prestigious milongas in the states, La National (NYC), Milonga Viviana (NJ), Tango lover (LI), to name a few. They were also invited to showcase at milongas in Mendoza, Argentina where Jose's hometown was. 

Majestic Theatre, San Antonio, JP hard chamber band, Helen Wang and Jose Delgadillo

Majestic Theatre, San Antonio, JP hard chamber band, Helen Wang and Jose Delgadillo

Below is a short list of recent major appearances of Jose and Helen:

  • 2017 - San Antonio - Majestic Theater with JP Jofre Hard Chamber Band-  showcase a night of Astor Piazzolla music and original pieces by JP - only dancers
  • 2017 - New Jersey -  Theater Axelrod - the piece G*D with TranscendanceGroup directed  by Gabriel Chajnik and Hector Sarape - tango guest artists
  • 2017 - Manhattango, Aztec TV in honor of the 100th celebration of La Cumparsita. - the only tango performers
  • 2017 - New York City - NY Couture Fashion Week - Ball of Bella - the only tango performers. 
  • 2016 - New York City - Lincoln Center - co-choreographed and showcased a one-of-a-kind fusion dance of tango, salsa and Chinese elements. Among the audience were senator Chuck Schumer and famous Chinese celebrity, Jin Xing.  Their show was featured by several major television stations including CCTV, TVB, Sinovision.
  • 2015 - the USA Chinese American Beauty Pageant Contest - the only tango performers 
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